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The Talent in Oncology Programme (TOP) is a training programme for junior specialists with a keen interest in research. Each regional TOP series is built around the topic of Clinical Trials and consists of two independent, 2-day, educational meetings to cater to the different interests and training needs of its international participants.
Specialists can choose between a “Fundamentals of Designing Clinical Trials module, which will give them a robust basic footing in the areas of trial design, statistics, marker and endpoint selection, ethics, and publications, and an advanced module called “Beyond Developing Clinical Trials”, suited to those who wish to brush up on their existing clinical trials knowledge, and advance their practical know-how with specific sessions on how to best prepare and deliver presentations, and how to engage in industry collaboration.
Each meeting is designed to create a welcoming and training-friendly environment, allowing participants to build strong specialist networks, both at peer level and between clinical centres.
In 2015, the Asian TOP meetings took place in Hong Kong and Singapore, and the European TOP meetings in Barcelona and Vienna. For the upcoming TOP season 2016/2017, the meetings will take place in Asia and Latin America.

If you want to learn more about TOP and get further material please get in touch with Verena Zahn



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