ePatCare® oncology software tool to manage patient cases

One of Boehringer Ingelheim’s central aims is to strengthen the dialogue between oncologists and healthcare professionals in oncology. Boehringer Ingelheim has therefore developed ePatCare®. This software tool was specifically developed for oncologists to transfer their individual patient cases into a unified and illustrative format for presentation.

ePatCare on iPad

The intuitive handling of the software facilitates a chronological, well-structured and comprehensible presentation of patient cases for discussion with other oncologists or for tutorials with students. The ePatCare® software is a valuable interactive tool to improve the dialogue between oncologists and other healthcare professionals!

European Excellence Awards 2014
Category: “Mobile Communication and Social Apps” – ePatCare®

European Excellence Awards The European Excellence Awards were created to honour the most outstanding achievements of communications professionals in their field. In addition to this, the Awards also provide an excellent networking forum for all attendees and take a comprehensive look at communications achievements across Europe.
ePatCare® from Boehringer Ingelheim is an innovative patient case presentation tool to exchange knowledge on oncology. ePatCare® provides a virtual tour through a patient’s history, including all clinical departments and stages of care.
Users can view experts’ cases or create their own to initiate communication with their peers anywhere in the world. The tool’s interactive nature enables users to compare their strategies with those of the experts and opens up discussion on the methods used.
Released at the ASCO 2012 annual meeting, ePatCare® already has an expert case library and is freely available for PC, Mac, Android and iPad via the links provided on the right.

2013 PM360 Trailblazer Initiative Awards
Category: “Initiative – Best App“

PM360 Trailblazer Initiative AwardsPM360, a monthly magazine for marketing decision makers in the pharmaceutical, has named infill Kommunikation GmbH in association with Boehringer Ingelheim as the “Best App” 2013” winner.

ePatCare® is an educational iPad and desktop app that enables interactive training for healthcare professionals by presenting patient cases in new and innovative ways. When using ePatCare®, a user is able to virtually “walk through” the various departments of a hospital and stages of a patients’ management including the relevant test results, scans, and reports – all kept in one convenient location. ePatCare® is interactive and includes intuitive touch functions such as panning, swiping, pinching, and picture enlarging – all at the fingertips.

“We are absolutely delighted and extremely proud that ePatCare® has been internationally recognised and announced winner of Best App 2013 at the PM360 Trailblazer Awards. This is true confirmation of the highly praise received from healthcare professionals and international societies.”

The ePatCare® software tool allows you to: