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CSCO, Xiamen, China, 18 - 22 September 2019

Afatinib in EGFR TKI-naïve patients with EGFR-mutation positive NSCLC: interim analysis from a Phase IIIb, open-label study

Filippo De Marinis, Konstantin K Laktionov, Artem Poltoratskiy, Inna Egorova, Maximilian Hochmair, Antonio Passaro, Maria Rita Migliorino, Giulio Metro, Maya Gottfried, Daphne Tsoi, Gyula Ostoros, Simona Rizzato, Guzel Z Mukhametshina,  Michael Schumacher,  Silvia Novello, Rafal Dziadziuszko, Wenbo Tang, Laura Clementi, Agnieszka Cseh, Dariusz Kowalski,


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The value of real-world evidence to clinical practice

Real-world evidence complements clinical trials by providing information on the effectiveness and side-effect profile of therapies in patients treated in routine clinical practice.

The value of real-world evidence to clinical practice

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