WCLC, YOKOHAMA, 15 - 18 OCTOBER 2017 - 1280.18

A Phase Ib trial of xentuzumab and abemaciclib in advanced or metastatic solid tumors, including advanced NSCLC

Douglas Yee, Aleix Prat, Marie Paule Sablin, Hiroji Iwata, Erica L. Johnston, Thomas Bogenrieder, Josep Serra, Hairui Hua, Patricia Lo Russo

Yee 1280.18 TiP Poster WCLC 2017

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Insulin and IGF Signaling Receptors (IGF-1R) and Pathway Activation

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Phase Ib trial of afatinib and xentuzumab(BI 836845) in advanced NSCLC: dose-escalation and safety results

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CDK4/6 and IGF1 Receptor Inhibitors Synergize to Suppress the Growth of p16INK4A-Deficient Pancreatic Cancers

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Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF) Pathway Targeting in Cancer: Role of the IGF Axis and Opportunities for Future Combination Studies

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