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2016: Conversations in Oncology in China

Recent talks from Boehringer Ingelheim standalone meetings

Boehringer Ingelheim convened its newest edition of Conversations in Oncology in November 2016 in Shanghai, China. This meeting was the twelfth meeting in this series and the first Conversations in Oncology in China.


The meeting included both plenary talks as well as roundtable discussions that highlighted the key advancements in the molecular biology, testing and treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), focusing on targeted therapies, anti-angiogenesis agents, biomarkers, immunotherapy, and real-world treatment with patient case study discussions.


To view slides from the various presentation, simply click on your file of choice below.

Recent Advances in the Molecular Biology of Cancer Treatment

Roundtable Discussion: Molecular Testing Options

State of the Art: Recent Therapeutic Advances in Lung Cancer 2016

AE Management With EGFR TKI Therapy

Treatment Algorithm for EGFR-M+ NSCLC: Where Do the 3rd-Generation EGFR TKIs Fit In?

Roundtable Discussion on Treatment Algorithms: Sequencing for Maximal Clinical Benefit

Day 1 Summary


Antiangiogenic Therapy: Clinical Benefit for Second-Line NSCLC

Treatment Options for 2nd Line NSCLC – II: Role of TKIs in Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Immunotherapy of Lung Cancer

Day 2: Recap and Questions on Day 1 Learnings