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2017: Conversations in Oncology in China

In December 2017, the 14th “Conversations in Oncology” meeting was held in Shanghai, China. This meeting aimed to discuss the latest scientific and clinical data in the treatment of NSCLC in the era of biomarkers and targeted therapeutics, focusing on the impact this data may have on current patient treatment practices.

To view highlights from the discussion and slides from the various presentations, simply click on the item of your choice below.

Webcast of the roundtable discussion on sequencing TKIs for maximal clinical benefit: factors for consideration

Treatment approaches for patients treated with first, second or third-generation EGFR TKIs

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expected impact of overall survival data from the FLAURA and AURA 3 clinical trials

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Year in Review: Therapeutic Advances in Treating Advanced NSCLC

Plenary session led by Barbara Melosky

State of the Art in Molecular Testing and Current Diagnostic Challenges

Plenary session led by Mike Zhu

EGFR-M+ NSCLC: Mechanistic and Clinical Considerations for Choosing the Best TKI

Plenary session led by Daniel Tan


Case Study–Based Roundtable Discussion moderated by Keunchil Park with expert panel David Heigener and Jong-Mu Sun

Sequencing TKIs for Maximal Clinical Benefit: Factors for Consideration

Plenary session led by Keunchil Park

Real-World Efficacy of EGFR TKIs

Led by Jong-Mu Sun

Treatment Options for Special NSCLC Patient Populations: Brain Mets, Elderly Patients, Uncommon Mutations

Plenary session led by David Heigener, Darren Lim, and Barbara Melosky

Recent Therapeutic Advances in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lung

Led by Shun Lu

Treatment Selection in Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Case-Based Roundtable Discussion moderated by Shun Lu with expert panel Yongfeng Yu, Darren Lim, and Barbara Melosky

Overview of Boehringer Ingelheim in Oncology

Led by Victoria Zazulina